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Meet the Blockboys

The Blockboys are the newest PFP NFT minting on the Solana blockchain, but they are also so much more. They are a vision of the future of gaming and an exploration of the possibilities created by NFTs and Blockchain technology. They will be an onramp for mainstream adoption of NFTs.

Bras: Blockboys Rug Adoption Society

With the release of BRAS we will take the rug pulled NFTs and create NPCs and game objects based on them.
These will accumulate the Blockboys cryptocurrency for their owners.

The Blockboy's Story

Not long after the terraforming and colonisation of mars, a chance meeting between a man named Elon and a Japanese watermelon farmer led to the idea of sending genetically modified humans out into the galaxy. This had long been a dream, but limitations of resources had prevented it from coming to... fruition

Elon and the Japanese watermelon farmer worked tirelessly and eventually the Blockboys were created. Their compact shape resulted in decreased storage requirements during cryo-sleep and their ability for highly efficient energy storage helps power the spacecraft for a long journey.

The Benefits of Hodling

A Blockboy NFT should not be considered an investment. Blockboys intended purpose is primarily as an artwork while also being a store of achievement and an access pass to the Blockboys game. Any financial gain from owning a Blockboy will be through your own skill and achievement in the game.

Mobile app side project:
As part of the development for the Blockboys game, once the 3d models and animations are complete the Blockboys team will release mobile Augmented reality filters for popular social media platforms. This will allow you to replace your own image in videos and streams in real-time with a fully animated 3D image of your Blockboy NFT. A collection of unique non-mint-able Blockboys will be available for those that don’t own a Blockboy NFT to use the app.

December 2021


The Roadmap for Blockboys is extensive, so we have only listed the larger milestones in the roadmap.
We will have a separate document for game development and gameplay plans which will be released in the weeks after minting.
This is a long term project which we are expecting to be working on for at least 5 years into the future.
Some plans will no doubt change as development continues.

How To Mint

The minting process explained.
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Rarity Chart

Here you will be able to view the rarity chart. The rarity chart will be available before mint day. It is the official Blockboy's chart which can be used to determine the rarity level of your Blockboy NFT.
This is achieved through comparing the level of rareness in different Blockboy traits, accessories & expresssions.

Whitelist, giveaways and competitions

There are 1000 whitelist positions to be earned or won.
Take part in twitter, discord and meme compettions for your change to win free NFTs. Don't miss out. For more information click on the discord link below

Blockboy's Discord

Blockboy's Team

This is the team behind the creation of the Blockboy's NFT project.

Ash Block

Founder, Development & Art


Marketing & Community


Development & Community


NFT Art & 3D Modelling


Head Discord Moderator

Solid Sam

Full-Stack & Mobile Developer

Blockboys Sneak Peak

These are different collections of Blockboy's based on grouped specialties like all giveaway's or legendaries. Here you can find the more desirable Blockboy NFTs.

Legendaries Giveaways Team Favourites